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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • Package Rate all inclusive of food, lodging, sightseeing (strictly in accordance with the services availed & details mentioned in the booking voucher issued at the time of confirmation)
  • The Travel Partner shall ensure that the client details are provided along with pick up/ dropping location & arrival time shall be provided 15 days before the tour date for updating Client names to the Hotel/Resort. The Company shall not be liable for any confusion due to this at the time of Check In.
  • An assured room category at the time of quote, if not available at the time of confirmation, resulting in room up-gradation thereof shall attract a re-quote.
  • In case of a confusion regarding the age of an Infant (Less than 5 yrs) or a Child (5-12 yrs) being claimed to be over age by the Hotelier; The Company shall not be party to the dispute & the same shall be resolved by the client directly with the Hotel/Resort by producing valid identity/age proof of the child or by making direct payment at the Hotel/Resort.
  • The Company reserves the right to alter/amend entire itinerary or a part thereof in case of some unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances that make such change necessary for the smooth conduct of the tour.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any type of delay, disruption or cancellation caused due to accident/strike/insurgency/bad weather/Excessive snow or rain, natural calamity that hinders smooth plying of the hired cab, or any other unforeseen factor that may affect the smooth conduct of the tour.
  • In case of such an unforeseen event that causes such hindrance and the client engaging services from a third party it shall be the sole responsibility of the customer to make the payment to the party. However, the Company shall facilitate in resolving the matter, but the same shall be on extra payment and can be made on direct payment basis by the client.
  • In case of Cabs confirmed with AC services; The AC shall not work in hilly areas and A/C service shall be provided only in Plains.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the Package cost in case of any increase in taxes or fuel price, leading to increase in cost on surface transportation & land arrangements, which may come into effect prior to the start of the tour.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any cancellation, delay or missing of flight/ train/bus, effecting the itinerary and addition/alteration in stay or conduct of the tour. Any change in such an event and any additional cost incurred to that effect shall be the sole responsibility of the client and borne by him.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any theft or damage of valuables or luggage during the tour.
  • Strict adherence to the reservation & cancellation policy and Package Payment shall be ensured by the Travel Partner. In case of non-clearance of Package due’s the Company shall not be responsible for any hindrance caused in the smooth conduct of the tour & services being provided thereof.
  • The quoted Package Cost is strictly in accordance with the details provided by the travel partner; any change in the details in future may attract a re-quote if necessary.
  • The food to be served under the Package in Standard (2*) and Deluxe hotels shall be on Veg. menu unless expressively mentioned to the contrary & the same shall be served as per the Hotel’s policy.
  • The above quotation mail is not a confirmation of your booking, as we are not holding any rooms (unless expressively mentioned to that affect) at the time of quotation. This communication is a tentative idea & final confirmation shall be at the time of booking of the package on making payments as per the Reservation & Cancellation Policy. The final package price and services are subject to change at the time of confirmation.
  • Taxable Invoice (Bill) for the Package shall be generated after receiving full & final payment. The Service Tax rates shall be applicable as per the applicable rates at the time of billing.
  • There shall be no Service Tax refund after generation of the Taxable Invoice for the Package. Any calculation on refund as per Reservation/Cancellation policy shall be after deducting the Service Tax on the Package.
  • The travel partner shall be liable to pay for any change (hotel/room up-gradation and/or cab change due to non-availability) arising in the package due to delay in making the payment to the company as per the above-mentioned reservation policy.
  • In case the payment is not made by the travel partner in accordance with the Reservation/Cancellation Policy & subsequently the Package gets cancelled, the company shall have an absolute discretion to deviate from the cancellation & refund policy and initiate refund .
  • Any dispute arising in the Package shall be subject to the Court’s within Shimla Jurisdiction & Hon’ble Himachal Pradesh High Court.
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